Why Listening To Credible People Is Costing You

thor pontificatesWhen we find ourselves in need of advice, guidance or even simply information, we commonly seek out familiar confidants. We start with the people we already know and trust. They might be someone we know on a personal level. Or it could be we know them on a professional level or just know of their reputation in a certain area of expertise.

Why Options Do Not Mean Freedom


Options certainly sound like freedom. After all, one can now choose between this or that, or this and these many other things. However freedom is not in the possibilities, it is in the choosing. No freedom exists until one chooses. In fact, prior to choosing, one has nothing at all: none of the choices have moved into reality. Incidentally, having no options is actually more free than having many options, because the single option is already the reality.

Meet Kenneth Vogt

Kenneth VogtI’m Kenneth Vogt and I’m the founder of Vera Claritas. (That means “True Clarity” in Latin. Erudite, hey?)

I am “The Clarity Guy”. I bring focus and simplicity to the grand notion that businesses big and small can and must transform the world.

I am a man who has “been there, done that”:

I created one of the first e-commerce web sites for a Fortune 500 company way back in 1997 and I’ve ridden the internet ever since. Having worked in entrepreneurial enterprises large and small, I have experienced what it takes to create, run and even recreate life-sustaining businesses.

I have lived and worked all over the US, Europe, and most recently Mexico. I speak several languages poorly (Spanish, Hindi, Punjabi) and English quite well.