Why Judgment Isn’t Working For You

Gavel streaks with handJesus said (if you use a good translation), “Stop judging.” Some translations would say, “Do not judge.” But that doesn’t really capture the original Greek. The point is, you are already judging, so cut it out already. Your next thought may well be that this is not possible. If I don’t judge, how will I get through life? Won’t I get abused by the ne’er-do-wells? Even without that, don’t I have to judge whether or not that truck is going to stop before it gets to the crosswalk and mows me down?

Why Forgiveness Is A Stop Gap Measure

I have a yummy heartIn the medical field, there are two radically different focuses. One is to treat, the other is to cure. Treatment involves mitigation of symptoms, management of pain. Curing involves removal of the root cause of the affliction, eradication of the disease. When we are diseased, most of us settle for treatment. We learn to live with our disease. Look at that statement. “Live with…”: It’s like a welcome houseguest. “…our disease…”: We take ownership of the disease and it becomes our own. We do not easily give up the things that we own.