You Can’t Think Your Way Out of This

17 ReasonsAh, Reason.

We have knighted reason — and with good cause. It towers above lesser states of being, states like guilt or apathy, grief or fear, anger or pride. It even surpasses some more desirable states like courage, willingness, and acceptance. Yes, being reasonable is a great place to be.

Why All Your Rules Aren’t Working

Law BooksWe live in a world ruled by laws. There are international laws, federal laws, state laws, county laws, and city laws. On top of that, many of these laws have lots of rules for how they are supposed to be enforced. In other settings, the authority to make law doesn’t exist. So they go straight to the rules.

You Don’t Need Followers to Be a Leader

A leader is wantedBack in the day I read every book I could get my hands on about leadership. I wanted to see studies and data. I want formulas and strategies. I trusted all these Ph.D.’s and their teams of undergrads and you know what? They let me down.

Why Listening To Credible People Is Costing You

thor pontificatesWhen we find ourselves in need of advice, guidance or even simply information, we commonly seek out familiar confidants. We start with the people we already know and trust. They might be someone we know on a personal level. Or it could be we know them on a professional level or just know of their reputation in a certain area of expertise.

Why Options Do Not Mean Freedom

switchOptions certainly sound like freedom. After all, one can now choose between this or that, or this and these many other things. However freedom is not in the possibilities, it is in the choosing. No freedom exists until one chooses. In fact, prior to choosing, one has nothing at all: none of the choices have moved into reality. Incidentally, having no options is actually more free than having many options, because the single option is already the reality.